breaking NEWS!

Lil Monster Hand Picked for Eddie Bravo Invitational!!!

Breaking News!!!!


Ok ok ok ok sooooooo

We are on our way to Cancun, Mexico this week to have fun competing in the all female EBI tournament. For those of you who don’t know what EBI is, it’s an Eddie Bravo Invitational 🔥

That means you have to be recognized, respected, and invited to compete in a tournament like this and I am so honored to be a part of it with you guys.

This was set before we got the call up for the UFC and I’m going to honor my commitments. Plus my grappling is sharper than it’s ever been so we are ready!

I couldn’t be happier to go out and do the damn thanggggg!!!

Click on the link and show some support!!! Promise to post a lot in Mexico 🇲🇽☺️❤️

Love you all!!! See you soon and THANK YOU for supporting Team Lil Monster.

You guys are EVERYTHING!!!

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